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Center for Studies of Historical Theory & Historiography of Beijing Normal University was founded in January, 2000, and was authorized as the Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities in December of the year.

The studies of historical theory and historiography of Beijing Normal University has a long history and is well recognized in the historiography field. From 1961 to 1965 Professor Bai Shouyi set up a writing team of Chinese Historiography, established the journal named Reference Materials of Chinese Historiography, enrolled the teachers of continuing education and the graduates of Historiography and compiled the Textbook of Chinese Historiography (Volume One) in the Department of History of Beijing Normal University.

In 1979 Reference Materials of Chinese Historiography was reissued and was renamed as Historiography Materials. In 1980 the Institute of Historiography was founded under the authorization of Ministry of Education. Historiography Materials was formally named Journal of Historiography, and was issued at home and abroad. From 1986 researchers of the Institute of Historiography published a series of academic achievements of an important influence, of which Introduction to Historiography edited by Professor Bai Shouyi and Chinese Historiography (the first volume)written by him have laid the theoretical basis for the development of this subject. Thereafter, the studies of the Institute of Historiography, led by the famous scholars such as Gong Shuduo, Liu Jiahe, Qu Lindong, Wu Huaiqi and Chen Qitai, have long been in the leading position of this area.

At present the Center consists of four research offices, namely, the research offices of Historical Theory, of Ancient Chinese Historiography and Historical Theory, of Modern Chinese Historiography and Historical Theory, and of Comparative Studies of Sino-Western Historiography. Journal of Historiography and Journal of Historical Theory and Historiography are professional journals edited by the Center. Professor Qu Lindong was the director of the Center from December 2000 to August 2010. Professor Yang Gongle has been the director, and Professors Yi Ning, Zhang Yue, and Zhang Zhaojun vice directors since August 2010.